Light and comfortable flip flops have recently become and essential element of a summer wardrobe! Nice, neat flip flops, designed for your needs, can easily replace other summer shoes!

Check out our sizes and how to measure before you make your final selection. Remember that LOCCO flip flops should be properly and comfortably adjusted to your foot.

Neither the toes nor the heel should stand out beyond the flip flop, therefore add about 1,5 cm to your actual foot length  to get the right size!


SIZE – measure your foot diagonally from the heel to the big toe (as shown in the picture) and add about 1-2cm to get the actual size of flip flops.


The table below shows sizes with the exact dimensions of LOCCO flip flop soles in centimeters.

Size (sole length) = foot length (cm) + ca 1-2cm

example: foot length: 24 cm. The size to choose would be 38 (not 36)  

type size Locco (cm)
kids 30 20,4
kids 31 21,2
kids 32 22
kids 33 23
woman 34 23,2
woman 35 23,8
woman 36 24,2
woman 37 25
woman 38 25,8
woman 39 26,5
woman 40 27,4
woman 41 28,4
woman 42 28,8